Golf Swing Training: Make Better Swings

  The golf swing involves actions that are not common in day-to-day activities; this is because of the way the golfer has to stand to the ball. The golfer not only bends over from the waist, he also stands at the right angle to the target. This is the reason many people find it difficult to master the golf swing. It is, however, possible to develop it. This is possible by performing simple golf training drills to prime the body for these unusual movements.

Here is a golf swing training drill that one should perform for a full shoulder turn. Remember that the golf swing should start with a coordinated one piece takeaway. The shoulders, arms and hands should work together to be able to sweep the club away from the ball on a wide arc. The shoulder turn is the most important part of the one piece takeaway. If you practice this training drill and you’ll be able to make the club roll away with the right width and on an inside swing path.

First you should stand erect and hold the club against your chest. Then, turn back and forth while looking straight forward. Make sure that the shoulders rotate through 90 degrees each time you turn. After you’re done practicing this move, bend the body over and assume the stance while still holding the club across your chest. Then, do the same turning motion, back and forth. You have to make sure that your head remains at the same angle as it was in the stance. Don’t let it tilt forward. When your head is still and your spine is straight, your spine becomes the engine of the swing. Do this simple drill regularly and you’ll soon get better at turning your shoulders around your spine.

Another training drill is used for good weight transference. Good weight transference is necessary to hit unswerving golf shots and to avoid topping and hitting the ground behind the ball. The most common mistake in golf is poor weight transference. In a good swing, you should be able to transfer your weight unto the left side of the front foot. Here is a training drill which you should practice to improve weight transference.

First, you hold the club across the chest. Then, turn back and forth. Make sure the shoulder turn is completed on the follow through. This will have the chest facing the target and the right foot swiveling to the classic finish position. If the right foot finishes in the right position, it usually follows that the weight is transferred correctly to the left foot.

If you perform these golf training drills regularly and correctly, you’re sure to have improved games in no time. The better you get with the movements stipulated above, the better chance you’ll have of making a great swing.

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