The Importance of Golf Fitness

Golf Fitness is much more important than many think.  Even with the new technology, it is very important to stay in shape if you want to play your best golf.  However, golf fitness includes much more than just lifting weights and doing cardiovascular training.  You need to focus on specific things that can help you more than, if you bulk up or gain incredible enduranceAmateur golfers often neglect the most important part of your fitness for golf. The one thing they forget about is stretching. This can help you more on the golf course than most other things in the fitness world. Being limber helps you avoid injury, but it also allows you to swing the golf club easier, as well.

All the top professional golfers take significant time to work on their flexibility. They do this through yoga and other stretching routines that help them stay in the best possible shape. If you don’t do anything else with your fitness, at least start stretching. You should stretch every single day and at least 10 minutes before you play or practice. This will help you loosen up and loose muscles are better for golf than tight muscles.

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